QMidi 2.5.8

The ultimate Karaoke player / editor for the Macintosh

The ultimate Karaoke player / editor for the Macintosh

QMidi can organize and play many types of media files, including movies and CDG, and allows easy text and chords editing/synchronization. It features real time pitch shifting, time stretching and the ability to display karaoke and movie content in full screen mode, even on a second monitor.

QMidi has an intuitive user interface, which you will be able to use immediately. You can quickly make playlists of your favorite songs and play them sequentially. You can also use the library to organize your files similarly to iTunes.

Supports MIDI formats 0 and 1 and any audio/video format supported by OS X Core Audio or QuickTime.

Native support for FLAC files.

Plays MIDI karaoke, MP3 ID3 lyrics, CDG, movie karaoke.

External text and chords display/edit/synchronization/merge.

Multi-page PDF files display and synchronization.

Time stretch, pitch transpose, chord transpose with the ability to export changes.

Text karaoke and CDG to movie conversion.Music library and playlist documents.

Supports many foreign text encodings.

Karaoke text formatting with custom background image.

Remote transport using MIDI messages and AppleScript.

Lyrics search.

MIDI mixer, GS effects.

Supports OS X Core MIDI devices and Apple DLS synth (SoundFonts).

The only player with real time pitch transpose / time stretching on either MIDI, audio and video media. The PRO version also plays audio/video and MIDI in sync, and supports MIDI Time code.

For anyone needing a karaoke media player reliable and easy to use. Commonly used by live musicians for its ability to handle a large number of audio/video formats in a uniform way.



QMidi 2.5.8